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    1. zprint zprint.zprint/fzprint-hang Src Docs Usages
      Try to hang something and try to flow it, and then see which is
        better.  Has hang and flow indents. fzfn is the function to use 
        to do zloc.  Note what fzfn does with the input.  For instance,
        fzprint-pairs does a (zmap-right identity zloc).  Presumably the
        caller knows what the fzfn does, so it has to count the items
        itself and pass it in here as zloc-count if it isn't just (zcount zloc).
    2. zprint zprint.zprint/fzprint-hang-remaining Src Docs Usages
      zloc is already down inside a collection, it is not the collection
        itself. Operate on what is to the right of zloc.  We already know
        that the given zloc won't fit on the current line. [Besides, we
        ensure that if there are two things remaining anyway. ???] So
        now, try hanging and see if that is better than flow.  Unless
        :hang? is nil, in which case we will just flow.  hindent is
        hang-indent, and findent is flow-indent. This should never be
        called with :one-line because this is only called from fzprint-list*
        after the one-line processing is done. If the hindent equals the
        flow indent, then just do flow.  Do only zloc-count non-whitespace
        elements of zloc.
    3. zprint zprint.zprint/fzprint-hang-one Src Docs Usages
      Try out the given zloc, and if it fits on the current line, just
        do that. It might fit on the same line, as this may not be the rest
        of the list that we are printing. If not, check it out with good-enough?
        and do the best you can.  Three choices, really: fits on same line, 
        does ok as hanging, or better with flow. hindent is hang-indent, and 
        findent is flow-indent, and each contains the initial separator.  
        Might be nice if the fn-style actually got sent to this fn.
    4. zprint zprint.zprint/fzprint-hang-unless-fail Src Docs Usages
      Try to hang something and if it doesn't hang at all, then flow it,
        but strongly prefer hang.  Has hang and flow indents, and fzfn is the
        fzprint-? function to use with zloc.  Callers need to know whether this
        was hang or flow, so it returns [{:hang | :flow} style-vec] all the time.


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