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    1. net.cgrand/parsley net.cgrand.parsley.views/line-counts Src Docs Usages
    2. zprint zprint.zprint/line-count Src Docs Usages
      Count lines in a string.
    3. thheller/shadow-cljs Src Docs Usages
    4. neovim-client neovim-client.1.api.buffer/line-count Src Docs Usages
    5. neovim-client neovim-client.0.api.buffer/line-count Src Docs Usages
    6. neovim-client neovim-client.1.api.buffer/line-count-async Src Docs Usages
    7. neovim-client neovim-client.0.api.buffer/line-count-async Src Docs Usages
    8. thheller/shadow-devtools shadow.cljs.output/line-count Src Docs Usages
    9. org.alfrescolabs.alfresco-technical-validation alfresco-technical-validation.impl.loc-counter/line-count Src Docs Usages
    10. thheller/shadow-build Src Docs Usages
    11. circleci/circle-util circle-util.fs/line-count Src Docs Usages
      returns the number of lines in the file
    12. mkremins/flense flense.editor/line-count (cljs) Src Docs Usages
    13. nacha nacha.controls/line-count Src Docs Usages
    14. fleetdb fleetdb.lint/lint-count Src Docs Usages
    15. george.application.output/LINE_COUNT_CROP_AT Src Docs Usages
    16. george.application.output/LINE_COUNT_LIMIT Src Docs Usages
    17. george.editor.state/line-count-format-str Src Docs Usages
      Returns a format-string (Java style) for right-aligned number padded with blanks.


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