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    Oct 27, 2016



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    A Clojure library designed to solve set matching (or multi-string matching) problem by applying the classic aho-corasick algorithm.

    Original Algorithm listing

    The following algorithm listing is from the original paper “Efficient String Mathcing: An Aid to Bibliographic Search (1975)” by Alfred V. Aho and Margaret J. Corasick.

    Algorithm 1. Pattern matching machine.

    Input. A text string x = a1a2…an where each ai is an input symbol and a pattern matching machine M with goto function g, failure function f, and output function output, as described above.

    Output. Locations at which keywords occur in x.

    Method. begin state := 0 for i := 1 until n do begin while g(state, ai) == fail do state := f(state) state := g(state, ai) if output(state) != empty then begin print i print output(state) end end end

    Algorithm 2. Construction of the goto function.

    Input. Set of keywords K = {y1, y2, …, yk}.

    Output. Goto function g and a partially computed output function output.

    Method. We assume output(s) is empty when state s is first created, and g(s, a) == fail if a is undefined or if g(s, a) has not yet been defined. The procedure enter(y) inserts into the goto graph a path that spells out y. ``` begin newstate := 0 for i := 1 until k do enter(yi) for all a such that g(0, a) == fail do g(0, a) := 0 end

    procedure enter(a1a2…am): begin state := 0; j := 1 while g(state, aj) != fail do begin state := g(state, aj) j := j + 1 end for p := j until m do begin newstate := newstate + 1 g(state, ap) := newstate state := newstate end output(state) := {a1a2…am} end ```

    Algorithm 3. Construction of the failure function.

    Input. Goto function g and output function output from Algorithm 2.

    Output. Failure function f and output function output.

    Method. begin queue := empty for each a such that g(0, a) != 0 do begin s := g(0, a) queue := queue U {s} f(s) := 0 end while queue != empty do begin let r be the next state in queue queue := queue - {r} for each a such that g(r, a) != fail do begin s := g(r, a) queue := queue U {s} state := f(r) while g(state, a) == fail do state := f(state) f(s) := g(state, a) output(s) := output(s) U output(f(s)) end end end FIXME


    Copyright © 2016 FIXME

    Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.