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    May 2, 2016

    Arttu Kaipiainen
    Helsinki, Finland


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    Pathfinding using A* algorithm

    Releases and Dependency Information

    Latest release is [0.2]

    Leiningen dependency information:

    [astar-search "0.2"]

    Maven dependency information:



    astar.core/route takes the following parameters:

    • graph, which is a function (eg. a map) from a node to all neighbors of that node.
    user=> (def graph {:a [:b :c]
                       :b [:a :d :e]
                       :c [:a :d :e]
                       :d [:b :c :f]
                       :e [:b :c :f]
                       :f [:e :d]})
    • dist, which is a function from two nodes to the distance (as a number) from the first node to the second.
    user=> (defn dist [from to]
             (let [d {:a {:b 4 :c 2}
                      :b {:a 4 :d 1 :e 1}
                      :c {:a 2 :d 3 :e 5}
                      :d {:b 1 :c 3 :f 3}
                      :e {:b 1 :c 5 :f 2}
                      :f {:d 3 :e 2}}]
               (get-in d [from to])))
    • h, which is a function from a node to the heuristic distance from that node to the goal. It should never overestimate the distance. If it does, the algorithm isn’t guaranteed to find the optimal solution.
    user=> (def h {:a 7
                   :b 3
                   :c 6
                   :d 3
                   :e 2
                   :f 0})
    • start, which is the starting node for the search
    • goal, which is the goal node for the search.

    It returns a list of nodes that form the shortest path from the start node (exclusive) to the goal node (inclusive).

    user=> (require 'astar.core)
    user=> (astar.core/route graph dist h :a :f)
    (:b :e :f)

    If a route doesn’t exist, it returns nil.