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    Nov 17, 2017

    Tom Faulhaber
    San Francisco


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    A tool to build HTML documentation from your Clojure source


    A add-gensyms add-href-prefix add-ns-vars

    B branch-subdir

    C class-to-ns-name clear-memo-cache! common-namespace-api create-page

    D *description-file* deffragment deftemplate display-name doc-prefix

    E expand-links expand-src-file external-doc-links external-doc-map

    F find-impls flatten-namespaces fmt-spec

    G gen-index-line get-last-commit-hash get-title git-get-last-commit-hash

    H hg-get-last-commit-hash

    I *index-clj-file* *index-html-file* *index-json-file*

    K *keyword-ns* key-pred*

    L *layout-file* *local-toc-file*

    M *master-toc-file* make-all-pages make-index-clj make-index-content make-index-html make-index-json make-local-toc make-master-toc make-ns-content make-ns-page make-overview make-overview-content make-project-description make-raw-index-clj memo-html-resource memo-nodes memoized-fns memoized-working-directory

    N *namespace-api-file* names-for-ns namespace-index-info namespace-overview ns-file ns-html-file ns-to-class-name ns-toc-data ns-url

    O *overview-file* overview-toc-data

    P page process-links process-see-also proto-details proto-with-link

    R *raw-index-clj-file* re-partition render-namespace-api render-protos render-specs render-sub-namespace-api render-types render-vars

    S *sub-namespace-api-file* see-also-links select-content-text sort-str spec-details spec-table spec-tag-name spec-toc-entries src-prefix-length structured-index

    T template-for type-details

    U url-for url-regex

    V var-base-file var-details var-index-info var-specs var-src-link var-tag-name var-toc-entries var-usage vars-by-letter

    W web-raw-src-file web-src-file wrap-dispatch wrap-external-doc

    The README below is fetched from the published project artifact. Some relative links may be broken.

    Autodoc is a program which generates API documentation in HTML from Clojure source code. It can be run as a standalone application or from a build system such as ant or leiningen.

    Complete documentation is available at

    Autodoc is used to generate the documentation for Clojure itself, Clojure contrib projects, and Incanter.

    I run it on Ubuntu. I expect it would work fine on any Unix, but probably would have some glitches on Windows.

    Dependencies: ant, ant-optional, enlive, clojure-contrib

    Autodoc is being developed by Tom Faulhaber (to mail me you can use my first name at my domain which is

    Autodoc is licensed under the Eclipse Public License 1.0 (like Clojure itself) which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution. This means it can go anywhere Clojure can go.

    Autodoc is hosted at github at