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    API router (instance of IAPIRouter) that uses function metadata to
    determine valid API handler functions.
    Any Clojure function with the :api metadata key is a valid API
    handler. When given an API call message, the handler will execute
    any such function.
    prefix will be prepended to API callers' requests, to restrict
    their scope. For example, if your API handlers are all in (e.g.,, and so on), you can supply a
    prefix of "", and clients then supply
    "some-function" and "other-function" as their calls. (Don't
    forget the trailing slash!)
    (->MetadataAPIRouter prefix)
    Positional factory function for class com.paullegato.bureaucrat.api_routers.metadata_api_router.MetadataAPIRouter.
    (map->MetadataAPIRouter m__7585__auto__)
    Factory function for class com.paullegato.bureaucrat.api_routers.metadata_api_router.MetadataAPIRouter, taking a map of keywords to field values.
    (metadata-api-router prefix)
    Returns a new MetadataAPIRouter. The given prefix will be prepended
    to all API call namespace lookups.