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    Implementation of the IEndpoint protocol for Immutant's HornetQ
    message queue.
    * NOTE 4/2014: HornetQ is being put on hold until Immutant 2.0 comes out. 
    Immutant 2 will give us an easy way to deal with just HornetQ, rather than 
    the whole JBoss stack. Until then, don't expect this to work. Pull requests welcome!
    User Documentation
    The name field specifies the queue's string name.
    Create-time options may be nil, or it may be a map of
    HornetQ options). The options you provide will be passed through directly to
    The metadata map given to send! supports any of the options available to immutant.messaging/publish, 
    in addition to those required by IQueueEndpoint. 
    Internal Documentation for Library Developers
    * Handler-cache is an atom used to store a handler function that will be 
      invoked in a background thread when messages are available on the queue.
       It should accept one argument, which is the message being processed.  
      Note that the handler function are
      stored per-instance, not globally, and that the underlying HornetQ
      endpoint is global (i.e. the same underlying queue in HornetQ can
      potentially be shared by many HornetQEndpoint instances.) If you
      lose your HornetQEndpoint object without stopping it or removing
      its listeners, its listeners will still remain attached to the
      underlying HornetQ queue!
    TODO: Implement receive-batch!
    TODO: Configurable DLQ per queue rather than a systemwide one?
    TODO: State machine modelling backend state?
    TODO: Cache / memoize (get-backend) calls