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    Aug 13, 2015

    George Pittarelli


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    Clojars Project

    A Clojure library implementing the Source Server Query (SSQ) and Master Server Query protocols for interacting with Source engine powered game servers (TF2, L4D, etc.).

    I recommend glancing over the following Valve dev wiki pages about SSQ:

    Note that this library uses futures, so applications using this library may suffer a 1 minute delay before exiting unless they call (shutdown-agents) or (System/exit <exit-status>). See for more information.


    This library provides 3 SSQ query functions: info, players, and rules (in the clj-ssq.core namespace), lining up with the 3 non-deprecated SSQ queries listed on protocol’s wiki page. Each of these functions accepts a hostname/ip address parameter (as a string) and a port number.

    Additionally, the master function is provided for querying the Source master servers (you most likely want “” with port 27011). The master function takes host and port like the previous functions, along with a region parameter (one of :us-east :us-west :africa :asia :middle-east :europe :south-america :australia :other) and a filter parameter which is a string following the filter format on this page:

    For example, “\appid\440” would fetch all listed TF2 servers. Be careful to escape the backslashes, in a program the filter should be written as “\appid\440”.

    All above-mentioned query functions return a promise that will receive either the requested data, or an error object of the form {:err :timeout}, {:err :socket-timeout}, {:err :port-unreachable}, {:err :io-exception}, or {:err :compression-unsupported} (the latter indicating that the response is compressed, a protocol feature that modern Source engine servers do not use and is not currently supported by this library). When relevant, error objects may also have an :exception key with the exception that caused the query to fail.

    The query functions also accept two optional timeout keyword parameters, :timeout and :socket-timeout (given in milliseconds; both default to 3000). :timeout is the time required for a complete answer to be received and delivered to the promise, whereas :socket-timeout is the time allowed for each UDP datagram to arrive (some responses are split over multiple datagrams, all of which must be received for the complete answer to be assembled).


    user> (def s (clj-ssq.core/info "" 27015))
    user> (pprint @s)
    {:vac-enabled? true,
     :password? false,
     :gameid 440N,
     :max-players 24,
     :players 15,
     :protocol 17,
     :game "Team Fortress",
     :folder "tf",
     :name "Our tf2 server title",
     :bots 0,
     :port 27015,
     :keywords {"HLstatsX:CE" "_registered" "replays" "alltalk"}
     :id 440,
     :environment :linux,
     :server-type :dedicated,
     :steamid 81234567898765432N,
     :version "2892667",
     :map "cp_dustbowl",
     :edf #{:steamid? :port? :keywords? :gameid?}
     ;; see the valve wiki; some values will only appear if their flag is
     ;; present in the edf field.
    user> (def s (clj-ssq.core/players "" 27015))
    user> (pprint @s)
    [{:index 0, :name "taco", :score 10, :duration 4568.4946}
     {:index 0, :name "Player 2", :score 8, :duration 4406.8394}]
    user> (def s (clj-ssq.core/rules "" 27015))
    user> (pprint @s)
    {"mp_scrambleteams_auto" "1",
     "hlxce_plugin_version" "1.6.19",
     "nextlevel" "",
     "sv_tags" "HLstatsX:CE,_registered,alltalk,,cp,replays",
     "mp_footsteps" "1"
    user> (def m (clj-ssq.core/master "" 27011
                                      :us-east "\\appid\\440"))
    user> (pprint @m)
    #{"" "" ""
      "" "" ""
      "" "" ""
    user> (def s (clj-ssq.core/rules "" 1234))
    ;; Wait 3 seconds
    user> @s
    {:err :timeout}


    Copyright © 2015 George Pittarelli

    Distributed under the MIT License.