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    Jun 27, 2017

    Andre R.
    Bavaria, Germany

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    Customized ClojureScript core.clj{s,c}



    - * + - -> ->> .. / < <= == > >=

    A adapt-ifn-invoke-params adapt-ifn-params adapt-obj-params adapt-proto-params add-ifn-methods add-obj-methods add-proto-methods* aget alength amap and annotate-specs areduce array array-map as-> aset assert assert-valid-fdecl assoc-test

    B base-assign-impls base-type binding bit-and bit-and-not bit-clear bit-flip bit-not bit-or bit-set bit-shift-left bit-shift-right bit-shift-right-zero-fill bit-test bit-xor bitpos bool-expr build-map-factory build-positional-factory byte

    C caching-hash case check-valid-options coercive-= coercive-boolean coercive-not coercive-not= collect-protocols comment cond cond-> cond->> condp const? copy-arguments cs

    D dec declare defcurried defmacro defmethod defmulti defn defn- defonce defprotocol defrecord deftype delay destructure divide do-curried do-rfn doseq dotimes doto double dt->et

    E emit-defrecord es6-iterable exists? extend-prefix extend-protocol extend-type

    F false? fast-path-protocol-partitions-count fast-path-protocols float fn for

    G gen-apply-to gen-apply-to-helper gen-apply-to-simple gen-apply-to-simple-helper goog-define

    H hash-map hash-set

    I ->impl-map identical? if-let if-not if-some ifn-invoke-methods implements? import import-macros inc instance? int

    J js-arguments js-base-type js-comment js-debugger js-delete js-in js-inline-comment js-mod js-obj js-obj* js-str js-this

    K keyword?

    L lazy-cat lazy-seq let letfn list load-file* locking loop

    M macroexpand macroexpand-1 make-array mask max memfn min multi-arity-fn multi-arity-fn?

    N neg? nil? ns-imports ns-interns ns-publics ns-unmap number?

    O or

    P pos? prepare-protocol-masks proto-assign-impls protocol-prefix

    R refer-clojure reify require require-macros resolve resolve-var rfn

    S satisfies? short sigs simple-benchmark simple-test-expr? some-> some->> some? specify specify! str string? symbol?

    T this-as time to-property true? truth_ type-hint-first-arg type-hint-impl-map type-hint-multi-arity-sig type-hint-multi-arity-sigs type-hint-sigs type-hint-single-arity-sig

    U unchecked-add unchecked-add-int unchecked-byte unchecked-char unchecked-dec unchecked-dec-int unchecked-divide-int unchecked-double unchecked-float unchecked-get unchecked-inc unchecked-inc-int unchecked-multiply unchecked-multiply-int unchecked-negate unchecked-negate-int unchecked-remainder-int unchecked-set unchecked-short unchecked-subtract unchecked-subtract-int undefined? unsafe-bit-and unsafe-cast unsigned-bit-shift-right use use-macros

    V validate-fields validate-impl-sigs validate-impls variadic-fn variadic-fn* variadic-fn? vector vswap!

    W warn-and-update-protocol when when-assert when-first when-let when-not when-some while with-out-str with-redefs

    Z zero?

    cljs.core — cljsDocsSource


    - * *1 *2 *3 + - / < <= = == > >=

    A *assert* ->ArrayChunk ->ArrayIter ->ArrayList ->ArrayNode ->ArrayNodeIterator ->ArrayNodeSeq ->Atom accumulating-seq-count aclone add-to-string-hash-cache add-watch aget alength alter-meta! ancestors any? APersistentVector apply apply-to apply-to-simple array array->transient-hash-map array-chunk array-copy array-copy-downward array-extend-kv array-for array-index-of array-index-of-equiv? array-index-of-identical? array-index-of-keyword? array-index-of-nil? array-index-of-symbol? array-iter array-list array-map array-map-extend-kv array-map-index-of array-reduce array-seq array? ArrayChunk ArrayIter ArrayList ArrayNode ArrayNodeIterator ArrayNodeSeq ASeq aset assoc assoc! assoc-in associative? atom Atom

    B ->BitmapIndexedNode ->BlackNode ->Box balance-left balance-left-del balance-right balance-right-del bit-and bit-and-not bit-clear bit-count bit-flip bit-not bit-or bit-set bit-shift-left bit-shift-right bit-shift-right-zero-fill bit-test bit-xor bitmap-indexed-node-index BitmapIndexedNode bitpos BlackNode boolean boolean? booleans bounded-count Box build-subvec butlast byte bytes

    C *clojurescript-version* *command-line-args* ->ChunkBuffer ->ChunkedCons ->ChunkedSeq ->Cons cat char char-escapes char? CHAR_MAP chars checked-aget checked-aget' checked-aset checked-aset' chunk chunk-append chunk-buffer chunk-cons chunk-first chunk-next chunk-rest ChunkBuffer chunked-seq chunked-seq? ChunkedCons ChunkedSeq chunkIteratorSeq ci-reduce clj->js clone clone-and-set cloneable? coll? comp comparator compare compare-and-set! compare-indexed compare-keywords compare-symbols complement completing concat conj conj! cons Cons constantly contains? count counted? create-array-node-seq create-inode-seq create-node create-ns create-tree-map-seq cycle

    D ->Delay dec dedupe default-dispatch-val Delay delay? demunge demunge-pattern demunge-str DEMUNGE_MAP DEMUNGE_PATTERN deref derive descendants disj disj! dispatch-fn dissoc dissoc! distinct distinct? divide do-assoc doall dominates dorun double double-array double? doubles drop drop-last drop-while

    E *e ->Eduction ->Empty ->EmptyList ->ES6EntriesIterator ->ES6Iterator ->ES6IteratorSeq ->ES6SetEntriesIterator edit-and-set eduction Eduction empty Empty EMPTY empty-ordered-hash empty-unordered-hash empty? EmptyList enable-console-print! ensure-reduced equiv-map equiv-sequential es6-entries-iterator es6-iterator es6-iterator-seq es6-set-entries-iterator ES6EntriesIterator ES6Iterator ES6IteratorSeq ES6SetEntriesIterator even? every-pred every? ex-cause ex-data ex-info ex-message ExceptionInfo extend-object!

    F *flush-on-newline* false? ffirst filter filterv find find-and-cache-best-method find-macros-ns find-ns find-ns-obj find-ns-obj* first first-array-for-longvec fix fixture1 fixture2 flatten flatten1 float float? floats flush Fn fn->comparator fn? fnext fnil force frequencies

    G -global-hierarchy gensym gensym_counter get get-global-hierarchy get-in get-method get-validator group-by

    H ->HashCollisionNode ->HashMapIter ->HashSetIter halt-when hash hash-coll hash-collision-node-find-index hash-combine hash-imap hash-iset hash-keyword hash-map hash-ordered-coll hash-set hash-string hash-string* hash-symbol hash-unordered-coll HashCollisionNode HashMapIter HashSetIter

    I ->IndexedSeq ->IndexedSeqIterator -indexOf IAssociative IAtom IChunk IChunkedNext IChunkedSeq ICloneable ICollection IComparable ICounted ident? identical? identity IDeref IDerefWithTimeout IEditableCollection IEmptyableCollection IEncodeClojure IEncodeJS IEquiv IFind ifind? IFn ifn? IHash IIndexed IIterable IKVReduce IList ILookup IMap IMapEntry IMeta imul IMultiFn INamed inc indexed? IndexedSeq IndexedSeqIterator INext infinite? INIT inode-kv-reduce Inst inst-ms inst? instance? int int-array int-rotate-left int? integer? interleave interpose into into-array ints IPending IPrintWithWriter IRecord IReduce IReset IReversible is_proto_ isa? ISeq ISeqable ISequential ISet ISorted IStack ISwap iter iter-reduce ITER_SYMBOL iterable? iterate ITransientAssociative ITransientCollection ITransientMap ITransientSet ITransientVector IUUID IVector IVolatile IWatchable IWithMeta IWriter

    J js->clj js-delete js-invoke js-keys js-mod js-obj js-reserved js-reserved-arr js-reserved? juxt

    K ->KeySeq ->Keyword keep keep-indexed key key->js key-test keys KeySeq Keyword keyword keyword-identical? keyword?

    L *loaded-libs* ->LazySeq ->List -lastIndexOf last LazySeq lift-ns linear-traversal-nth list List list* list? load-file long long-array longs lookup-sentinel

    M *main-cli-fn* ->Many ->MapEntry ->MetaFn ->MultiFn ->MultiIterator m3-C1 m3-C2 m3-fmix m3-hash-int m3-hash-unencoded-chars m3-mix-H1 m3-mix-K1 m3-seed make-array make-hierarchy Many map map-indexed map? mapcat MapEntry mapv mask max max-key maybe-warn memoize merge merge-with meta MetaFn methods min min-key missing-protocol mix-collection-hash mk-bound-fn mod MODULE_INFOS MODULE_URIS MultiFn MultiIterator munge munge-str

    N *ns* ->Namespace ->NeverEquiv ->NodeIterator ->NodeSeq name namespace Namespace nat-int? native-satisfies? neg-int? neg? never-equiv NeverEquiv new-path newline next nfirst nil-iter nil? nnext NodeIterator NodeSeq NONE not not-any? not-empty not-every? not-native not= ns-interns* ns-lookup ns-name NS_CACHE nth nthnext nthrest number?

    O *out* ->ObjMap obj-clone obj-map obj-map->hash-map obj-map-compare-keys object-array object? ObjMap odd?

    P *print-dup* *print-err-fn* *print-fn* *print-fn-bodies* *print-length* *print-level* *print-meta* *print-namespace-maps* *print-newline* *print-readably* ->PersistentArrayMap ->PersistentArrayMapIterator ->PersistentArrayMapSeq ->PersistentHashMap ->PersistentHashSet ->PersistentQueue ->PersistentQueueIter ->PersistentQueueSeq ->PersistentTreeMap ->PersistentTreeMapSeq ->PersistentTreeSet ->PersistentVector pack-array-node parents partial partition partition-all partition-by peek persistent! persistent-array-map-seq PersistentArrayMap PersistentArrayMapIterator PersistentArrayMapSeq PersistentHashMap PersistentHashSet PersistentQueue PersistentQueueIter PersistentQueueSeq PersistentTreeMap PersistentTreeMapSeq PersistentTreeSet PersistentVector pop pop! pop-tail pos-int? pos? pr pr-opts pr-sb-with-opts pr-seq-writer pr-sequential-writer pr-str pr-str* pr-str-with-opts pr-with-opts pr-writer pr-writer-ex-info pr-writer-impl prefer-method prefers prefers* preserving-reduced prim-seq print print-map print-meta? print-prefix-map print-str println println-str prn prn-str prn-str-with-opts PROTOCOL_SENTINEL push-tail pv-aget pv-aset pv-clone-node pv-fresh-node pv-reduce

    Q qualified-ident? qualified-keyword? qualified-symbol? quot quote-string

    R ->Range ->RangedIterator ->RangeIterator ->RecordIter ->RedNode ->Reduced ->RSeq rand rand-int rand-nth random-sample random-uuid range Range ranged-iterator RangedIterator RangeIterator re-find re-matches re-pattern re-seq realized? record? RecordIter RedNode reduce reduce-kv reduceable? Reduced reduced reduced? reductions regexp? rem remove remove-all-methods remove-method remove-pair remove-watch repeat repeatedly replace replicate reset! reset-cache reset-meta! reset-vals! rest reverse reversible? RSeq rseq rsubseq run!

    S ->SeqIter ->Single ->StringBufferWriter ->StringIter ->Subvec ->Symbol scan-array second select-keys seq seq-iter seq-reduce seq? seqable? SeqIter sequence sequential? set set-from-indexed-seq set-print-err-fn! set-print-fn! set-validator! set? short shorts shuffle simple-ident? simple-keyword? simple-symbol? Single some some-fn some? sort sort-by sorted-map sorted-map-by sorted-set sorted-set-by sorted? special-symbol? split-at split-with spread START str string-hash-cache string-hash-cache-count string-iter string-print string? StringBufferWriter StringIter strip-ns subs subseq Subvec subvec swap! swap-global-hierarchy! swap-vals! Symbol symbol symbol-identical? symbol? system-time

    T *target* ->TaggedLiteral ->TransformerIterator ->TransientArrayMap ->TransientHashMap ->TransientHashSet ->TransientVector tagged-literal tagged-literal? TaggedLiteral tail-off take take-last take-nth take-while test throw-no-method-error to-array to-array-2d trampoline transduce transformer-iterator TransformerIterator transient TransientArrayMap TransientHashMap TransientHashSet TransientVector tree-map-add tree-map-append tree-map-kv-reduce tree-map-remove tree-map-replace tree-map-seq-push tree-seq true? truth_ tv-editable-root tv-editable-tail tv-ensure-editable tv-pop-tail tv-push-tail type type->str

    U *unchecked-arrays* *unchecked-if* ->UUID unchecked-add unchecked-add-int unchecked-array-for unchecked-byte unchecked-char unchecked-dec unchecked-dec-int unchecked-divide-int unchecked-double unchecked-editable-array-for unchecked-float unchecked-inc unchecked-inc-int unchecked-int unchecked-long unchecked-multiply unchecked-multiply-int unchecked-negate unchecked-negate-int unchecked-remainder-int unchecked-short unchecked-subtract unchecked-subtract-int undefined? underive unreduced unsigned-bit-shift-right update update-in uri? uuid UUID uuid?

    V ->ValSeq ->Var ->VectorNode ->Volatile val vals ValSeq Var var? vary-meta vec vector vector-index-out-of-bounds vector? VectorNode Volatile volatile! volatile? vreset!

    W *warn-on-infer* with-meta write-all

    Z zero? zipmap