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    Jun 13, 2018


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    common utils for dda pallet

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    Common utils for dda-pallet


    dda-pallet is compatible to the following versions * pallet 0.8 * clojure 1.7 * (x)ubunutu 16.04


    • Encrypted Credential Managament
    • Utilities for testing pallet plans
    • ServerTest Framework to implement integrtion tests for servers

    Use encrypted Credentials

    You can encrypt ``` (ns … (:require [dda.pallet.commons.encrypted-credentials :as crypto]))

    (crypto/encrypt (crypto/get-public-key {:user-home “/home/user/” :key-id “-key-id-”}) {:account “acnt” :secret “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”}) ```

    or decrypt with ``` (def encrypted-secret {:account “acnt”, :secret “—–BEGIN PGP MESSAGE—–….—–END PGP MESSAGE—–\n”})

    (crypto/decrypt (crypto/get-secret-key {:user-home “/home/mje/” :key-id key-id}) encrypted-secret key-passphrase) ```

    See also:

    Use ServerTest

    We typically use remote-whitebox-local-tested method for running server-tests: 1. Collect facts from remote target systems: We connected by ssh and execute some small bash and provide the result returned. 2. Parse local: We parse the returned results on CI system. 3. Test local: We run tests on the parsed information on CI system.

    Example for collecting facts - e.g. in settings phase:


    Execute tests - e.g. in test phase: (package-test/test-installed? "atom")

    For complete example see: or

    Build & Contribute

    Setup project with eclipse

    In order to do some work on your own, you can add [lein-idefiles “0.2.1”] to your lein plugins and execute

    git clone
    lein idefiles eclipse

    up to now you’re ready to start working …


    Published under apache2.0 license