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    Oct 2, 2014

    Stephen Sloan
    California, USA


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    Naan provides CRUD functions for working with Korma entities.

    What is naan? It isn’t korma. It doesn’t replace korma. It doesn’t wrap around korma. It’s just bread… er… CRUD for Korma. It is a nice-to-have that goes well with korma. Korma is excellent and does many things very well. However, I do find that for create, read, update, and destroy operations, I really want to DRY-up my code. Nann provides these four functions, and a few more helpers. Try naan with korma, its satisfying… tasty even.


    • You are using korma, of course.
    • You do a lot of simple CRUD operations and are tired of writing the same code.
    • Your tables have an integer key column (‘id’ by default) and a string candidate key column (‘name’ by default). Each of these are optional and configurable.
    • Naan provides little more than simple CRUD helpers, so it assumes that you will write more complex SQL using korma. Naan shouldn’t ever get in your way.
    • You can customize your entity definitions when you want to override naan defaults for a particular table.


    Include korma and naan

    (ns some.namespace
        [korma.core :as korma]
        [naan.core :as naan]))

    CRUD with korma and naan

    Use defdb and defentity as normal.

    (korma/defentity users
      (korma/entity-fields :id :first :last)
      (korma/pk :id)
      (korma/database db))

    You could create an instance of the entity using korma.

    (korma/insert users
      (korma/values {:first "Tasty", :last "SQL"}))

    That’s not bad. But naan is a bit shorter.

    (naan/create users {:first "Tasty", :last "SQL"})

    Meh. That isn’t much different. Now read that user using a korma select.

      (korma/select users
        (korma/where {:id [= 1]})
        (korma/limit 1)))

    And using naan read.

    (naan/read users 1)

    That’s a very straightforward helper function. Let’s see updating with korma update.

    (korma/update users
      (korma/set-fields {:last "Korma"})
      (korma/where {:id [= 1]}))

    Naan is shorter.

    (naan/update users {:last "Korma"} 1)

    Finally destroying in korma.

    (korma/delete users
      (korma/where {:id [= 1]}))

    And again with naan.

    (naan/destroy users 1)

    CRUD with naan makes korma more satisfying.

    String keys

    It is pretty common to use an ‘id’ column on our tables. It seems like we also commonly give things names, and CRUD should just work.

    (korma/defentity cats
      (korma/entity-fields :name :breed :color :gender)
      (korma/pk :id)
      (korma/database db))
    (naan/create cats {:name "Crookshanks", :breed "Tabby", :color "Orange", :gender "M"})
    (naan/read cats "Crookshanks")

    We should also be able to specify an alternate string key.

    (korma/defentity cats
      (korma/entity-fields :nickname :breed :color :gender)
      (naan/set-string-key :nickname)
      (korma/pk :id)
      (korma/database db))
    (naan/create cats {:nickname "Crookshanks", :breed "Tabby", :color "Orange", :gender "M"})
    (naan/read cats "Crookshanks")

    Or maybe we just want to override the default.

    (korma/defentity cats
      (korma/entity-fields :name :owner :breed :color :gender)
      (korma/pk :id)
      (korma/database db))
    (naan/create cats {:name "Crookshanks", :owner "Granger", :breed "Tabby", :color "Orange", :gender "M"})
    (binding [*string-key* :owner] (naan/read cats "Granger"))

    Using Maps

    Maps can also be used instead of keys.

    (korma/defentity cats
      (korma/entity-fields :name :breed :color :gender)
      (korma/pk :id)
      (korma/database db))
    (naan/create cats {:name "Crookshanks", :breed "Tabby", :color "Orange", :gender "M"})
    (naan/read cats {:color "Orange"})
    (naan/update cats {:color "Tawny"} {:color "Orange"})
    (naan/destroy cats {:breed "Tabby"})

    With timestamps

    Naan can update created_at and update_at timestamps, as appropriate, on CRUD operations. It requires adding a bit of boiler-plate to your entity definitions, but it pays off when timestamps (a la Rails) just work.

    (require '[naan.korma-helpers :as helpers]
    (korma/defentity cats
      (helpers/attributes :name :breed :color :gender :created_at :updated_at)
      (korma/pk :id)
      (korma/database db))


    Naan is Copyright © 2013 Stephen Sloan, and is funded by It is MIT licensed.

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