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    Apr 22, 2015

    Vic Goldfeld


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    A library for defining, running and displaying timers and workflows.


    The main two functions are on flow.core: flow and config->flow. the former function runs a workflow proper, which should be in flow structure (see below.) It can also be passed a clock-name so it keeps whatever UI you hook up in sync with the workflow. The latter function converts a workflow in config format to the flow format.

    Here is an example of a simple config:

    [["working.." [25 25 :min] :exec "emacs my-work-file.clj"]
     ["playing!" [5 5 :min] :exec "emacs -f tetris"]
     ["break" [:.. 15 :min]]]

    The action to be executed at the end (e.g. :exec “(shell command)”) is optional.

    The config will translate into the following flow structure:

    [[25 :min (fn [] #(exec "emacs my-work-file.clj") "working..")]
     [5 :min (fn [] #(exec "emacs -f tetris")) "playing!"]
     [25 :min (fn [] #(exec "emacs my-work-file.clj") "working..")]
     [5 :min (fn [] #(exec "emacs -f tetris")) "playing!"]
     [15 :min]]

    As you can see, the first two “tracks” (work and play) had two blocks, so they were perfectly interleaved, and the single break block was put last by using the :.. syntax. When one track has more blocks than the others, it will predictably go on to finish all its extra blocks in a row after the other tracks are done. If a track has less blocks than the others, it will end sooner. However, you can do this:

    [["work track" [25 :. 25 :min]
     ["play track" [5  5  5 :min]]

    Which will effectively execute two play blocks in a row after the first work block, and only then execute the last work and play blocks. Note that :. is not the same as 0; the former will skip the block’s action and/or alert, whereas the latter will still execute those.

    If you just want a single track (i.e. no interleaving), you can do either:

    [["single track" [25 25 25 25 15 :min] :exec "emacs work.clj"]]


    [["job" [25 :min] :exec "emacs app.clj"]
     ["job" [35 :min] :exec "emacs app.clj"]
     ["20% time" [15 :min] :exec "emacs cute-project.clj"]]


    Copyright © 2014 Vic Goldfeld

    Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.