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    Jun 28, 2017

    Killorglin, Ireland


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    Clojure library to help print things, prettily

    Utilities for accessing text on the system clipboard using AWT.
    This is segregated from other code to prevent the AWT stack from initializaing
    unnecessarily. On OS X, this is seen as a Java application icon appearing in the Dock
    Assistance for formatting data into columns. Each column has a width, and data within the column
    may be left or right justified. Generally, columns are sized to the largest item in the column.
    When a value is provided in a column, it may be associated with an explicit width which is helpful
    when the value contains non-printing characters (such as those defined in the io.aviso.ansi namespace).
    Provides functions that hook into to make use of Pretty to format exceptions.
    You must [add as an explicit dependency]( of your project.
    The StringWriter protocol is used as the target of any written output.
    A plugin for Leiningen that automatically enables pretty printing.
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    Clojars Project

    Sometimes, neatness counts.

    If you are trying to puzzle out a stack trace, pick a critical line of text out of a long stream of console output, or compare two streams of binary data, a little bit of formatting can go a long way.

    That’s what io.aviso/pretty is for. It adds support for pretty output where it counts:

    • Readable output for exceptions
    • ANSI font and background color support
    • Hex dump of binary data
    • Hex dump of binary deltas
    • Formatting data into columns


    Full Documentation

    Pretty is also incorporated into the ultra plugin, and is packaged as part of Boot.

    io.aviso/pretty is released under the terms of the Apache Software License 2.0.