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    Aug 19, 2014



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    Simple tools/wrapper for Amazon AWS JDK API use. Unlikely to be of use to anybody but the author.



    A ACCESS_KEY_PATTERN add-cred-file add-cred-files add-jdt-cred-files ami-id? asc aws-metric-namespaces

    C *current-cred-handle* ->CredentialInfo call-with-cred choose-creds clear-creds create-image create-tags cred-account-number cred-map current-cred-map-entry cw

    D def-cred delete-image delete-tags describe-alarms-lazy describe-alarms-nonlazy describe-auto-scaling-groups describe-elbs describe-images describe-instance-status describe-instance-status-filter-map describe-instances describe-instances-filters describe-instances-filters-key? describe-instances-lazy describe-metrics describe-tags describe-tags-lazy describe-vpcs describeInstancesResult->instances do-indent dump-auto-scaling-groups

    E ec2 ec2-describe-account-attributes elb exception-retry

    G get-alarms-lazy get-alarms-nonlazy get-all-metric-namespaces get-cred-map-entry-for-access-key get-image get-instance get-instance-profile get-instance-profile-policy-documents get-metrics-lazy get-name-tag get-role-policy-documents get-role-policy-names get-security-group get-snapshot get-subnet get-user-account-number-for-prompt get-volume get-vpc

    I *indent* iam iam-get-user-account-number iam-get-user-name image-add-launch-permission image-exists? image-state instance-availability-zone instance-console-output instance-id instance-id? instance-public-dns-name instance-public-ip-address instance-reachabilities instance-state instance-state-code-map instance-statuses instance-volume-ids

    K key-pair-exists? keys-n-stuff->strings known-cred?

    L list-credentials

    M make-aws-creds make-ec2-filter map->CredentialInfo map->ec2-filters

    O old-describe-instances

    P parse-cred pif pq print-instance-dependencies print-ip-permission prompt-for-credentials pu

    R *region* region-map regions-for-key report-alarms report-auto-scaling-groups report-elbs report-images report-instance-profiles report-instance-status report-instances report-key-pairs report-metrics report-problem-instances report-roles report-sgs report-tags report-vpc-instances report-vpc-sg-permissions report-vpcs role-name-exists? run-instances

    S SECRET_KEY_PATTERN security-group-id-exists? security-group-id? security-group-name-exists? set-region! snapshot-id? sort-aws-tags squish-tags start-instances stop-instances

    T tag-regex-find-fn terminate-instances

    U use-cred

    V valid-regions validate-defn-keywords volume-id volume-id? volume-snapshot-ids vpc-instance-at-address vpc-instances

    W wait-for-image-state wait-for-instance-state with-cred

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    Personal tools for day to day AWS tasks. Not likely to be of use to anybody but the author.


    Build from scratch:

    git clone
    cd jaws
    lein install

    Or reference the appropriate version from clojars.

    The lastest version is [jaws 0.1.1].


    jaws.native is a library for embedding in other applications. So add (:use jaws.native) to your (ns) directive, or however you like it.

    Version 0.1.0 -> 0.1.1 compatibility notes.

    Version 0.1.0 implicitly sucked up credential files matching ~/.aws.cred from the user’s home directory. That is no longer done after 0.1.0. You have to explicitly call ‘add-cred-file’, ‘add-cred-files’, or ‘def-cred’ to get credentials into memory.

    The 0.1.0 semantics of ‘defcred’ is now embodied ‘use-cred’. You’ll need to change all callers of defcred to be use-cred. This would ordinarily necessitate a minor version update at the least, but since the audience is limited to the author at this time that hasn’t been done.


    Copyright © 2014 Jeffrey D. Tenny

    Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.