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    Jan 5, 2015

    Ralph Ritoch


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    Lein-SableCC is a leiningen plugin that automates compiling of SableCC grammars.


    To enable this plugin it must be added to your leiningen project file in the :plugins list. This plugin depends on, but does not provide, SableCC. In most cases SableCC should be provided as a dependency in the :dev profile of your project. This plugin has been tested against SableCC 2.x and 3.x.


    :plugins [[lein-sablecc "1.1.0"]]
    :profiles {:dev {:dependencies [[sablecc/sablecc "2.18.2"]]}}

    This plugin only recognizes grammar files which have the file extension .scc and will only search for them in the directories listed in :sablecc-source-paths in your leiningen project file.


    :sablecc-source-paths ["src/sablecc"]

    To generate the java sources from the grammar files and compile them run the following command from a shell.

    lein sablecc compile

    All of the sources are generated in the :target-path sub-directory generated-sources/sablecc and will be compiled to the :compile-path.

    Implementation note: Java sources are only regenerated if the generated file is missing or has a modification time that is less than the modification time of the .scc grammar source file. This optimization ensures that sources are only recompiled when the grammar file has been modified. The file is located using the Package declaration in the .scc grammar source file. If this plugin cannot locate a Package declaration in the .scc grammar file, or if it has been commented out, than the .scc grammar source file will not be compiled.

    Automation hook

    For convenience a hook is provided which will automatically compile the .scc grammar files each time the javac leiningen task is run, such as when running ‘lein compile’ from a shell. To enable this hook you will need to add it to your leiningen project hooks.


    :hooks [leiningen.sablecc.compile]

    When this hook is enabled ‘lein javac’ can be run from the command line to compile your grammar source files.

    Change Log


    • Release - January 2, 2015


    • New Feature - Added Source Generation pre-cleaner
    • Bugfix - Repaired string escape sequence handling
    • Bugfix - Added generated .dat files to target classpath
    • Release - January 5, 2015


    Copyright � 2014-2015 Ralph Ritoch

    Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.