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    Nov 16, 2014


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    Lightweight and no-nonsense helpers and utilities for Clojure ring-based web applications. lib-blanc is inspired by / a fork of lib-noir, as such some parts work very similarly or identically.

    lib-blanc tries to be a bit more lightweight then lib-noir and to include less “magic” behaviour / functionality. Specifically, a bunch of functionality from lib-noir that was found to be not-so-useful in practice and/or outright problematic (in some cases, problematic in not-so-obvious ways even!) has been removed or replaced.

    Developers familiar with lib-noir will find that lib-blanc takes much less of an “everything and the kitchen sink” approach as to what is included and not included. This is by design.

    “blanc” … ?

    The name is a result of me trying to be clever and use a word that is opposite from “noir” as is consistent with the design goal of this library.


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    Copyright © 2014 Gered King

    Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.