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    Mar 28, 2018

    Tampere, Helsinki, Finland


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    Project statement

    Unlike more general of our libraries (like compojure-api and ring-swagger) this project is primarily intended for use in Metosin’s projects. Feel free to use, but don’t expect full support.

    • We might remove features if we think they are not useful anymore
    • We will reject PRs and issues about features we wouldn’t use ourselves


    • Represents application configuration as a single map which is read once on startup
    • Reads configuration from multiple sources and recursively merges it
      • EDN files in classpath – shipped with JAR, useful for default options
      • EDN files in filesystem – created by hand or by deploy tooling
      • Environment variables
      • Java properties
      • Override parameter – useful for overriding options for test systems
      • User selects the sources themselves
      • Extendable with functions
    • EDN readers can be provided as option, which allows use with Integrant


    (ns backend.system
      (:require [maailma.core :as m]))
    (defn system [override]
      (let [env (m/build-config
                  (m/resource "config-defaults.edn")
                  (m/env "prefix")
                  (m/env-var "SERVER_PORT" [:http :port])
                  (m/properties "prefix")
                  (m/file "./config-local.edn")

    Integrant example

    Add reader options to resource and file calls:

        (m/resource "config.edn" {:readers {'ig/ref ig/ref}})
        (m/file "config-local.edn" {:readers {'ig/ref ig/ref}})))

    (Not supported with read-config! function)


    • Is it necessary to refresh configuration of running application?
      • Most fixes done to running production systems over REPL are very small fixes to integration logic
      • It’s possible that some integration settings need to be changed quickly?
      • Probably not necessary. Most logic is isolated to pure functions and the can be replaced over REPL without touching components or configuration.


    Copyright © 2015-2018 Metosin Oy.

    Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.