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    Nov 19, 2013

    Vital Reactor
    San Francisco


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    The README below is fetched from the published project artifact. Some relative links may be broken.


    Successor to javert, provides nrepl middleware and Cider plugin to support extensible slime-style object inspection. The clojar middleware support is still called nrepl-inspect whereas the Emacs-side extension is called cider-inspect.


    NOTE: We are working to package the front end for distribution over ELPA; the clojure dependency is available on Clojars today.

    • Add [nrepl-inspect “0.4.0”] to profile or project :dependencies
    • Add inspector.middleware/wrap-inspect to your :repl-options -> :nrepl-middleware
    • Copy cider-inspect.el to your emacs loader path
    • Add (require ’cider-inspect) to your init.el

    Example ~/.lein/profiles.clj

    {:user {:plugins [[lein-ritz "0.7.0"]]
            :dependencies [[nrepl-inspect "0.4.0"]
                           [ritz/ritz-nrepl-middleware "0.7.0"]]
            :repl-options {:nrepl-middleware


    • C-c C-i on any expression, will prompt to accept
      • If empty, type any expression to inspect result
      • Evaluation happens in buffer namespace
    • ‘Tab’ and ‘Shift-Tab’ navigate inspectable sub-objects
    • ‘Return’ to inspect sub-objects
    • ‘l’ to pop to the parent object
    • ‘g’ to refresh the inspector (e.g. if viewing an atom/ref/agent)

    You can extend the inspector by adding a new method for inspector.inspect/inspect. (See inspector.ext.datomic for example). To load all extensions with the inspector.ext.* prefix:


    To use the plaintext inspector at a non-Emacs REPL.

    (require '[inspector.inspect :only [inspect-print]])

    Which will return:

    Type: class java.lang.Class
    --- Interfaces: 
      interface java.lang.Comparable

    Extending the Inspector

    You can extend the inspector.inspect/inspect generic function by type or using dispatch on the metadata value :inspector-tag. See inspect.clj and ext/datomic.clj for examples.


    High Priority: - Paging for long sequences - Needs a good test suite! - Automatically use extension loader (per technomancy’s suggestion) - Search classpath for: inspector.ext.* (DONE) - Load any sub-packages (DONE) - Sub-packages depend on inspector namespace, extend inspect (SEE inspect.ext.*) - e.g. (defun inspector.ext.datomic/inspect datomic.query.EntityMap [inspector entity]) - Problem: this will pull in example inspect/ext/datomic.clj

    Future tasks: - Evaluation and editing - Actions


    Copyright © 2013, Vital Reactor, LLC

    (Original Javert port of slime/swank copyright © 2013, Seattle Clojure Group, Jeffrey Chu)

    Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.