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    A Clojure interface to SQL databases via JDBC provides a simple abstraction for CRUD (create, read,
    update, delete) operations on a SQL database, along with basic transaction
    support. Basic DDL operations are also supported (create table, drop table,
    access to table metadata).
    Maps are used to represent records, making it easy to store and retrieve
    data. Results can be processed using any standard sequence operations.
    For most operations, Java's PreparedStatement is used so your SQL and
    parameters can be represented as simple vectors where the first element
    is the SQL string, with ? for each parameter, and the remaining elements
    are the parameter values to be substituted. In general, operations return
    the number of rows affected, except for a single record insert where any
    generated keys are returned (as a map).
    For more documentation, see:
    Optional specifications for use with Clojure 1.9 or later.