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    May 4, 2018


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    Ableton Link for Clojure Clojars Project

    "Link is a technology that keeps devices in time over a local network, so you can forget the hassle of setting up and focus on playing music."

    overtone.ableton-link is a glue between the official open source c++ library and Clojure via JNA. This library provides precompiled binaries which have been tested on various computers.

    Special thanks to 2bbb for his wonderful node-abletonlink

    Supported platforms

    • Windows x86_64 on JVM x86_64
    • OsX x86_64 on JVM x86_64
    • Linux x86_64 on JVM x86_64

    (other platforms upon request, open a ticket)


    For Windows and Machintosh, make sure to accept the firewall dialog that appears as you enable ableton-link, for linux users that use firewall, make sure that port 20808 is open, with iptables this would be iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 20808 -j ACCEPT service iptables restart (to make iptable rule permanent, please use google)



    • enable-link: [boolean] => nil If passed true, will enable link and network discovery, false for turning link off.
    • link-enabled?: [] => booolean Returns true if link is enabled.
    • get-beat: [] => number Reads from the clock and returns the current beat value.
    • set-beat: [number] => nil Sets the current beat to a given value next time when all peers in sessions are togeather on same phase, if there’s only one client in session, this will take effect immedietly.
    • set-beat-force: [number] => nil USE WITH CAUTION, this will set the current beat for all in session on a give value, will take effect immedietly and could cause disconinuity (may be anti-social behaviour).
    • get-phase: [] => number Reads from the session and returns the phase of the beat.
    • get-bpm: [] => number Reads from the session and returns the current bpm value
    • set-bpm: [number] => nil Commits new bpm value to the session, takes effect immedietly.
    • get-num-peers: [] => number Reads from the session and returns the number of peers connected.
    • set-quantum: [number] => nil Commits new quantum to the session, quantum is the quantization of a bar, similar to division of a musical time signature.