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    Sep 1, 2016


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    The README below is fetched from the published project artifact. Some relative links may be broken.


    A smart reader for CSV files.


    • Smart statistical heuristics to guess pretty much anything about your csv file, from delimiter to quotes and whether a header is present
    • Handles for you the boring but dangerous stuff, like encoding detection and bom skipping if present, but also embedded new lines and quote escaping
    • Uses Prismatic Schema to coerce the numerical values that have been recognised. The types and coercions can be extended by the user to dates, phone numbers, etc. and the inputs can be validated
    • Designed to be both very easy to use in an exploratory way to get a quick feel for the data, and then be put into production with almost the same code
    • Special tools to use the parsing features of ultra-csv inside environments where you access the data line by line as Strings, like Hadoop


    ultra-csv is available as a Maven artifact from Clojars:

    In your project.clj dependencies for leiningen:

    Clojars Project


    (def csv-seq (ultra-csv/read-csv "/my/path/to.csv"))

    More documentation forthcoming, for now you can use the quite exhaustive docstrings in the API Documentation.


    • Add writer functionality with roud-tripping capability
    • Add some kind of integration with Incanter to easily produce Datasets
    • If possible, add more Type detections (dates perhaps?)

    Pull Requests welcome!


    Copyright © 2014 Nils Grunwald

    Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.