cross-referencing the Clojure ecosystem

CrossClj is a tool to explore the interconnected Clojure universe. As an example, you can find all the uses of reduce across all projects, or find all the functions called map. Or you can list all the projects using ring. You can also walk the source code across different projects.

How to be listed on

A project should be automatically listed, provided that the following conditions are met:
  • The project is deployed on Clojars under a public group (not a org.clojars.* user group)
  • The project uses Leiningen and provides a project.clj with a description.
  • The project has at least one non-SHAPSHOT release.
  • Source code is included into project's artifact, and hosted publicly on GitHub (i.e. there is a github reference on the project's POM under the url or scm/connection fields). This almost ensures that the source code license is compatible with CrossClj's usage.