• (default-time-zone )
    Returns the default DateTimeZone for the current environment.

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    1 usage in
    kameleon 3.0.2
    Library for interacting with backend relational databases.
    1 usage in
    work-days 0.9.0
    Work days calculation
    2 usages in
    yfinance 0.2.0
    Clojure code to access Yahoo! Finance
    1 usage in
    metabase 0.1.0
    Metabase Community Edition
    1 usage in
    qu-core 1.1.7
    qu is a data platform created by the CFPB to serve their public data sets.
    1 usage in
    detijd 0.1.2
    1 usage in
    afterglow 0.2.4
    A live-coding environment for light shows, built on the Open Lighting Architecture,
    1 usage in
    courjera 0.1.0
    Coursera private API wrapper
    1 usage in
    caribou-core 0.15.5
    Caribou is a dynamic web application generator with antlers
    1 usage in
    timely 0.0.3
    Timely: A clojure library for defining schedules and running them as an alternative
    1 usage in
    materia-core 0.2.3
    A collection of reusable components for Clojure web applications
    2 usages in
    sputnik 0.5.4
    Sputnik is a Clojure library for parallelization of computations to distributed
    1 usage in
    crison 0.6.0
    A data language for driving websites
    1 usage in
    sqlium 0.1.2
    A flexible, Datomic-inspired, config-driven Extraction system (big E in ETL).