• (last-day-of-the-month dt)
    • (last-day-of-the-month year month)

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    1 usage in
    clj-time 0.14.4
    A date and time library for Clojure, wrapping Joda Time.
    1 usage in
    clj-cron-parse 0.1.4
    A Clojure library for using cron expressions
    1 usage in
    clj-duckling 0.4.24
    A Clojure library that parses text into structured data
    1 usage in
    buddy-pkcs15-sha1 0.2.0b3
    Forked security library buddy for Clojure with PKCS v1.5 for SHA1. Original library:
    1 usage in
    duckling 0.4.24
    Date & Number parser
    1 usage in
    toolbelt-date 0.3.0
    Utilities for working with dates in Clojure/Script.