• (local-date-time year)
    • (local-date-time year month)
    • (local-date-time year month day)
    • (local-date-time year month day hour)
    • (local-date-time year month day hour minute)
    • (local-date-time year month day hour minute second)
    • (local-date-time year month day hour minute second millis)
    Constructs and returns a new LocalDateTime.
       Specify the year, month of year, day of month, hour of day, minute of hour,
       second of minute, and millisecond of second. Note that month and day are
       1-indexed while hour, second, minute, and millis are 0-indexed.
       Any number of least-significant components can be ommited, in which case
       they will default to 1 or 0 as appropriate.

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