• (pprint-indent relative-to n)
    Create an indent at this point in the pretty printing stream. This defines how
    following lines are indented. relative-to can be either :block or :current depending
    whether the indent should be computed relative to the start of the logical block or
    the current column position. n is an offset.
    This function is intended for use when writing custom dispatch functions.
    Output is sent to *out* which must be a pretty printing writer.

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    5 usages in
    iron 0.4.0
    Front-end utilities and support for ClojureScript and re-frame projects
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    derive 0.2.1
    Clojurescript library to support efficient computation of up to date values derived
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    skm-ice-gui 1.0.0
    GUI library developed by the ICE project within the danish ministry of taxation
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    pine 0.1.6
    A Clojure/ClojureScript router designed for universal applications.
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    rejax 0.1.0
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    A library providing a Promise.all()-like capabilities for re-frame.
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    hoplon-elem-lib 0.2.0
    Tiny element library for Hoplon.
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    skm-ice-utils 1.0.3
    Utility library developed by the ICE project within the danish ministry of taxation
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    Simple platform agnostic react-like library for drawing on canvas, handling events
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    bootstrap-cljs 0.28.1-0
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    A Clojure(Script) Client for NASA's Common Metadata Repository