• (read reader)
    • (read reader eof-error? eof opts)
    • (read {:keys [eof] :as opts} reader)
    Reads the first object from an
       Returns the object read. If EOF, throws if eof-error? is true otherwise returns eof.
       If no reader is provided, *in* will be used.
       Reads data in the edn format (subset of Clojure data):
   doesn't depend on dynamic Vars, all configuration
       is done by passing an opt map.
       opts is a map that can include the following keys:
       :eof - value to return on end-of-file. When not supplied, eof throws an exception.
       :readers  - a map of tag symbols to data-reader functions to be considered before default-data-readers.
                  When not supplied, only the default-data-readers will be used.
       :default - A function of two args, that will, if present and no reader is found for a tag,
                  be called with the tag and the value.

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