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    1 usage in
    cljs-priority-map 1.2.1
    ClojureScript priority map implementation based on
    1 usage in
    schedule 0.1.6
    An interchange format for describing schedules as immutable values in Clojure and
    3 usages in
    Clojurescript library for the rendering of animated sprites on canvas.
    1 usage in
    datomic-cljs 0.0.1-alpha-1
    Datomic REST client for ClojureScript
    1 usage in
    A generic data inspection component for use with Om.
    1 usage in
    multco 0.1.2-beta
    Clientside cljs databases across platforms
    1 usage in
    advenjure 0.9.0
    A text adveture engine
    1 usage in
    recollect 0.4.3
    Cached rendering and diff/patch library designed for Cumulo project.