• (describe spec)
    returns an abbreviated description of the spec as data

    cljs.spec.alpha/describe (cljs) found in 10 defs, across 8 projects.

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    2 usages in
    clojurescript 1.9.946
    2 usages in
    lemonade 0.3.0
    High level language for graphical and UI programming. No markup.
    1 usage in
    rejax 0.1.0
    A library that creates nicer API for usage of cljs-ajax in Re-frame
    1 usage in
    inspectable 0.2.2
    Tools for clojure.spec
    1 usage in
    pretty-spec 0.1.3
    A pretty printer for clojure.spec forms.
    1 usage in
    rui 0.3.0
    UI components based on Reagent and Re-frame
    1 usage in
    cmr-client 0.1.0
    A Clojure(Script) Client for NASA's Common Metadata Repository
    1 usage in
    kern 1.1.0
    A Parser Combinators Library