• (valid? spec x)
    • (valid? spec x form)
    Helper function that returns true when x is valid for spec.

    cljs.spec.alpha/valid? (cljs) found in 139 defs, across 36 projects.

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    1 usage in
    oops 0.6.2
    ClojureScript macros for convenient Javascript object access.
    1 usage in
    macros 0.2.63
    Clojure macros for web and mobile development
    1 usage in
    onyx-sim 0.1.0
    A simulator for the onyx runtime.
    2 usages in
    backend-shared 0.5.62
    Shared Backend Services for Offcourse
    1 usage in
    bluegenes 0.9.0
    4 usages in
    rejax 0.1.0
    A library that creates nicer API for usage of cljs-ajax in Re-frame
    1 usage in
    re-frame-datatable 0.6.0
    DataTable component for re-frame 0.8.0+
    1 usage in
    tuck 20180327
    Tuck: a simple helper for UI folding
    8 usages in
    javelin-timesync 0.0.3
    Simple timesync algorithm for ClojureScript that is superior to SNTP over TCP

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    4 usages in
    anki-cljs 0.1.1
    CLJS interface for interacting with Anki
    4 usages in
    rui 0.3.0
    UI components based on Reagent and Re-frame
    3 usages in
    re-frame-spec-interceptors 1.0.1
    Reframe event interceptors for validating db and args with spec
    1 usage in
    shadow-client 1.3.2
    a cljs library for managed state in the shadows of the DOM
    2 usages in
    ez-form 0.8.0
    Forms for the web
    5 usages in
    iron 0.3.0
    Front-end utilities and support for ClojureScript and re-frame projects
    4 usages in
    pretty-spec 0.1.3
    A pretty printer for clojure.spec forms.
    1 usage in
    ventas-bidi-syntax 0.1.2
    Human-optimized bidi routes
    2 usages in
    wscljs 0.1.2
    A thin and lightweight websocket client for ClojureScript.
    1 usage in
    mathdoc2 0.2.42
    pandoc wrapper to craft mathematical presentations
    7 usages in
    pine 0.1.6
    A Clojure/ClojureScript router designed for universal applications.

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    1 usage in
    cljs-eaf30 0.0.2
    Delete me
    8 usages in
    lemonade 0.3.0
    High level language for graphical and UI programming. No markup.

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    4 usages in
    fsmviz 0.1.3
    Generate Graphviz diagrams from FSM data.
    6 usages in
    wheel 0.3.6
    Don't re-invent it! simple and basic components for clj(s)/hoplon web development.

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    4 usages in
    cmr-client 0.1.0
    A Clojure(Script) Client for NASA's Common Metadata Repository
    2 usages in
    sunity 0.1.20
    sunity Frontend Library