Parse a JavaScript stacktrace string into a canonical data form. The
      repl-env - the repl environment, an optional map with :host and :port keys
                 if the stacktrace includes url, not file references
      st       - the original stacktrace string to parse
      err      - an error map. :ua-product key defines the type of stacktrace parser
                 to use, for example :chrome
      opts     - additional options. :output-dir maybe given in this argument if
                 :host and :port do not apply, for example, a file path
      The canonical stacktrace representation can easily be mapped to a
      ClojureScript one see mapped-stacktrace and mapped-stacktrace-str

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    1 usage in
    replique 0.0.14
    A development environment for Clojure and Clojurescript
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    figwheel-sidecar-immutant 0.5.14
    ClojureScript Autobuilder/Server which pushes changed files to the browser.