• (run-block fns)
    Invoke all functions in fns with no arguments. A fn can optionally
      an async test - is invoked with a continuation running left fns
      a seq of fns tagged per block - are invoked immediately after fn

    cljs.test/run-block (cljs) found in 170 defs, across 33 projects.

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    1 usage in
    devcards 0.2.5
    Devcards is a ClojureScript library that provides a lab space in which you can develop
    3 usages in
    shadow-cljs 2.4.5
    CLJS development tools
    4 usages in
    re-view-hiccup 0.1.15
    Hiccup parser for re-view
    4 usages in
    re-view-routing 0.1.3
    ClojureScript routing tools
    4 usages in
    gadjett 0.5.2
    Inspector tools for clojure[script]
    4 usages in
    re-frame-utils 0.1.0
    Fxs and CoFxs for re-frame
    4 usages in
    district0x 0.1.20
    district0x Frontend Library
    4 usages in
    pine 0.1.6
    A Clojure/ClojureScript router designed for universal applications.
    5 usages in
    bootstrap-cljs 0.28.1-0
    ClojureScript wrapper around React Bootstrap
    4 usages in
    nativestore 0.2.2
    A client-side, in-memory, indexed data store.
    4 usages in
    editable 0.1.4
    lifecycle events for forms using re-frame
    4 usages in
    carry 0.8.0
    ClojureScript single-page application framework.
    4 usages in
    re-frame-ipfs-fx 0.0.2
    IPFS Re-Frame handlers.
    4 usages in
    lambdacd 0.14.1
    A library to create a continous delivery pipeline in code.
    4 usages in
    hoplon-elem-lib 0.2.0
    Tiny element library for Hoplon.
    4 usages in
    iron 0.4.0
    Front-end utilities and support for ClojureScript and re-frame projects
    4 usages in
    derive 0.2.1
    Clojurescript library to support efficient computation of up to date values derived
    4 usages in
    fif 1.0.2
    Stack-based Programming in Clojure(script)
    4 usages in
    rerenderer 0.2.0
    Simple platform agnostic react-like library for drawing on canvas, handling events
    16 usages in
    conwip.modules 0.1.0
    Library for dynamically loading ClojureScript modules

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    5 usages in
    aramis 0.1.1
    A library providing a Promise.all()-like capabilities for re-frame.
    8 usages in
    cljs-css-modules 0.2.1
    cljs-css-modules: css modules in clojurescript

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