• (read reader)
    • (read reader eof-error? sentinel)
    • (read {eof :eof :as opts :or {eof :eofthrow}} reader)
    Reads the first object from an IPushbackReader.
       Returns the object read. If EOF, throws if eof-error? is true.
       Otherwise returns sentinel. If no stream is providen, *in* will be used.
       Opts is a persistent map with valid keys:
        :read-cond - :allow to process reader conditionals, or
                     :preserve to keep all branches
        :features - persistent set of feature keywords for reader conditionals
        :eof - on eof, return value unless :eofthrow, then throw.
               if not specified, will throw
       To read data structures only, use
       Note that the function signature of and is not the same for eof-handling (cljs) found in 16 defs, across 8 projects.

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