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    clojure.browser.event/listen (cljs) found in 40 defs, across 19 projects.

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    1 usage in
    weasel 0.7.0
    websocket REPL environment for ClojureScript
    1 usage in
    shoreleave-remote 0.3.0
    A smarter client-side with ClojureScript : Shoreleave's rpc/xhr/jsonp facilities
    2 usages in
    clairvoyant v0.0-23-gd6225fd
    ClojureScript tracing library
    3 usages in
    derive 0.2.1
    Clojurescript library to support efficient computation of up to date values derived
    3 usages in
    replify 0.4.1
    A minimalist Clojurescript repl and minimalist build tool
    3 usages in
    rerenderer 0.2.0
    Simple platform agnostic react-like library for drawing on canvas, handling events
    1 usage in
    waltz 0.1.0-alpha1
    FIXME: write description
    1 usage in
    shafty 0.0.2-experimental
    ClojureScript functional reactive programming library.
    2 usages in
    A client-side router for ClojureScript.
    1 usage in
    boot-reload 0.5.2
    Boot task to automatically reload page resources in the browser.
    1 usage in
    fetch 0.3.0
    A ClojureScript and Noir library to make client-server interaction painless.
    1 usage in
    shoreleave-pubsub 0.3.0
    A smarter client-side with ClojureScript : Shoreleave's publish/subscribe system
    3 usages in
    schmetterling 0.0.8
    Web debugger for Clojure
    2 usages in
    lein-browserific 0.1.2-alpha4
    A Leiningen build tool for unified app development
    1 usage in
    torus-pong 0.1.0
    A multiplayer take on the classic Game of Pong. Entry for Clojure Cup 2013.
    2 usages in
    qualityclj 0.2.3
    Assess Clojure libraries based on a number of different metrics.
    2 usages in
    phalanges 0.1.6
    ClojureScript library providing utilities for working with JavaScript KeyboardEvents.