• (import & import-symbols-or-lists)
    import-list => (package-symbol class-name-symbols*)
      For each name in class-name-symbols, adds a mapping from name to the
      class named by to the current namespace. Use :import in the ns
      macro in preference to calling this directly.

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    3 usages in
    clojure 1.10.0-alpha6
    Core language
    3 usages in
    clojure-contrib 1.2.0
    Clojure user contributions library.
    1 usage in
    refactor-nrepl 2.3.1
    nREPL middleware to support editor-agnostic refactoring
    1 usage in
    cascalog-core 3.0.0
    Cascalog core libraries.
    1 usage in 0.3.2
    Clojure wrapper for Java 8 Time API
    1 usage in
    mranderson 0.4.8
    Leiningen plugin to download and use some dependencies as source.
    2 usages in
    avl.clj 0.0.9
    Persistent sorted maps and sets with log-time rank queries
    1 usage in
    Onyx plugin for JDBC-backed SQL databases
    1 usage in
    http-kit 2.3.0
    High-performance event-driven HTTP client/server for Clojure
    1 usage in
    korma 0.5.0-RC1
    Tasty SQL for Clojure
    1 usage in
    clj-webdriver 0.7.2
    Clojure API for Selenium-WebDriver
    1 usage in
    data.avl 0.0.17
    Persistent sorted maps and sets with log-time rank queries
    1 usage in
    log-config 0.1.4
    Log appenders and middleware for timbre
    1 usage in
    vmfest 0.4.0-alpha.1
    Manage local VMs from the REPL
    1 usage in
    chiara 0.2.0
    Better S-Expressions
    1 usage in
    clj-gae-testing 0.2.0
    a Test library on Google App Engine for Clojure