• (diff a b)
    Recursively compares a and b, returning a tuple of
      [things-only-in-a things-only-in-b things-in-both].
      Comparison rules:
      * For equal a and b, return [nil nil a].
      * Maps are subdiffed where keys match and values differ.
      * Sets are never subdiffed.
      * All sequential things are treated as associative collections
        by their indexes, with results returned as vectors.
      * Everything else (including strings!) is treated as
        an atom and compared for equality. (cljs) found in 45 defs, across 28 projects.

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    1 usage in
    clojurescript 1.10.217
    2 usages in
    lambdacd 0.14.0
    A library to create a continous delivery pipeline in code.
    1 usage in
    iron 0.2.0
    Front-end utilities and support for ClojureScript and re-frame projects
    1 usage in
    buster-cljs 0.1.4
    Crossbrowser/Crossplatform Clojurescript testing
    1 usage in
    s-tlbx-probe 0.2.7
    Systems Toolbox Probe for use with Chrome DevTools extension.
    2 usages in
    re-frame-10x 0.2.1-RN
    Become 10x more productive when developing and debugging re-frame applications.
    1 usage in
    patchin 0.2.3
    Creates and applies patches to datastructures
    1 usage in
    pure-frame 0.1.0
    A Clojurescript MVC-like Framework For Writing SPAs Using Reagent.
    2 usages in
    rejax 0.1.0
    A library that creates nicer API for usage of cljs-ajax in Re-frame
    1 usage in
    readux 0.1.0
    clojureScript library for managing state in reagent-based SPA's. Inspired by Redux
    1 usage in
    kee-frame 0.1.7
    A micro-framework on top of re-frame
    1 usage in
    lik-m-aid 0.0.3
    A 2d canvas sprite library for ClojureScript
    1 usage in
    devtools 0.9.9
    A collection of Chrome DevTools enhancements for ClojureScript developers.
    1 usage in
    shadow-cljs 2.2.16
    CLJS development tools
    2 usages in
    trace 0.1.22
    Tracing and developer tools for re-frame apps
    1 usage in
    re-frame-utils 0.1.0
    Fxs and CoFxs for re-frame
    2 usages in
    district0x 0.1.20
    district0x Frontend Library
    1 usage in
    ampere 0.1.2
    Ampere: UniDirectional Flow for VDOM.
    1 usage in
    readux-eog 0.1.6
    Fork for internal development. clojureScript library for managing state in reagent-based
    1 usage in
    sodium 0.10.0
    A wrapper around soda-ash and semantic-ui-react
    2 usages in
    editable 0.1.4
    lifecycle events for forms using re-frame
    1 usage in
    aramis 0.1.1
    A library providing a Promise.all()-like capabilities for re-frame.
    2 usages in
    reepl 1.0.1
    A configurable in-browser clojurescript REPL