• (union )
    • (union s1)
    • (union s1 s2)
    • (union s1 s2 & sets)
    Return a set that is the union of the input sets

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    2 usages in
    figwheel 0.5.16
    This project contains the client side code for Figwheel.
    1 usage in
    re-frisk 0.5.4
    Visualize re-frame pattern data in your re-frame apps as a tree structure.
    2 usages in
    re-frisk-shell 0.5.2
    re-frisk ui shell
    1 usage in
    re-frame-10x 0.3.3
    Become 10x more productive when developing and debugging re-frame applications.
    2 usages in
    iron 0.4.0
    Front-end utilities and support for ClojureScript and re-frame projects
    1 usage in
    shared 0.11.27
    This is an echo lambda function. It's mainly used for debugging purposes.
    1 usage in
    stylefy 1.5.1
    Library for styling UI components
    1 usage in
    jutsu 0.1.2
    Data visualization tool built for the web
    1 usage in
    skm-ice-utils 1.0.3
    Utility library developed by the ICE project within the danish ministry of taxation
    2 usages in
    rektify 0.0.6
    ClojureScript library to manipulate any JS object model in a declarative way.
    1 usage in
    trace 0.1.22
    Tracing and developer tools for re-frame apps
    2 usages in
    hatti 0.4.0
    A cljs dataview from your friends at
    1 usage in
    imcljs 0.5.1
    2 usages in
    gadjett 0.5.2
    Inspector tools for clojure[script]
    3 usages in
    reagent-quill 0.1.1
    Reagent wrapper around react-quill
    3 usages in
    reagent-slider 0.1.2
    Reagent wrapper around react-components/slider
    1 usage in
    recollect 0.4.3
    Cached rendering and diff/patch library designed for Cumulo project.
    2 usages in
    re-frame-utils 0.1.0
    Fxs and CoFxs for re-frame
    2 usages in
    cloth 0.3.1
    Clojure(Script) tools for Ethereum
    2 usages in
    paredit-cm 0.1.1
    paredit for codemirror
    3 usages in
    hasch 0.3.5
    Cryptographic hashing of EDN datastructures.
    1 usage in
    async-flow-fx 0.0.10
    A re-frame effects handler for coordinating the kind of async control flow which
    1 usage in
    lambdacd 0.14.0
    A library to create a continous delivery pipeline in code.
    3 usages in
    superv.async 0.2.9
    Supervised channel management for core.async.
    1 usage in
    dynadoc 1.4.7
    A dynamic documentation generator
    1 usage in
    hoplon-elem-lib 0.2.0
    Tiny element library for Hoplon.
    1 usage in
    systems-toolbox-ui 0.6.2
    UI components for systems-toolbox
    1 usage in
    milia 0.3.37
    The Clojure Web API Client.
    3 usages in
    pretty-spec 0.1.3
    A pretty printer for clojure.spec forms.
    2 usages in
    dependency-cljs 0.1.4
    A data structure for representing dependency graphs
    1 usage in
    hitchhiker-tree 0.1.1
    A Hitchhiker Tree Library
    4 usages in
    derive 0.2.1
    Clojurescript library to support efficient computation of up to date values derived
    2 usages in
    re-view-routing 0.1.3
    ClojureScript routing tools
    1 usage in
    district-ui-web3-tx-costs 1.0.3
    district UI module for providing web3 transaction costs
    1 usage in
    reagent-query 0.3.2
    A helper library for testing Reagent code as pure functions
    1 usage in
    datomicscript 0.1.2
    An implementation of Datomic in-memory database and Datalog query engine in ClojureScript
    3 usages in
    cljs-bach 0.3.0
    A Clojurescript wrapper for the Web Audio API.
    1 usage in
    bardo 0.1.0
    A clojure(script) library to assist with transitions between dimensions
    3 usages in
    replify 0.4.1
    A minimalist Clojurescript repl and minimalist build tool
    1 usage in
    react-bootstrap-wrapper 0.1.1
    A wrapper of react-bootstrap for reagent
    1 usage in
    skm-ice-gui 1.0.0
    GUI library developed by the ICE project within the danish ministry of taxation
    1 usage in
    foam 0.1.6
    Om form on steroids
    1 usage in
    patchin 0.2.3
    Creates and applies patches to datastructures