• (map-of kpred vpred & opts)
    Returns a spec for a map whose keys satisfy kpred and vals satisfy
      vpred. Unlike 'every-kv', map-of will exhaustively conform every
      Same options as 'every', :kind defaults to map?, with the addition of:
      :conform-keys - conform keys as well as values (default false)
      See also - every-kv

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    1 usage in
    zprint 0.4.9
    Pretty print zippers and s-expressions
    2 usages in
    lacinia 0.28.0
    A GraphQL server implementation in Clojure
    1 usage in
    clj-edocu-help 0.1.12
    Library with helping functions for clojure in eDocu system
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    alia-spec 4.2.2
    clojure.spec for Alia
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    shadow-cljs 2.4.17
    CLJS development tools
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    pancake 0.0.20
    Flat file data parsing library.
    2 usages in
    net 0.3.3-beta39
    A clojure netty companion
    1 usage in
    datawalk 0.1.12
    A single-purpose tool for rapid REPL exploration of complex data structures
    1 usage in
    sqlingvo 0.9.25
    A Clojure DSL to create SQL statements
    1 usage in
    tag-soup 1.5.4
    A library to parse code into a list of tags
    2 usages in
    merkle-db-core 0.1.0
    Hybrid data store built on merkle trees.
    1 usage in
    pathom 2.0.13
    A Clojure library designed to provide a collection of helper functions to support
    2 usages in
    macros 0.2.63
    Clojure macros for web and mobile development
    1 usage in
    tongue 0.2.4
    DIY i18n library for Clojure/Script
    1 usage in
    umlaut 0.5.3
    A Clojure program that receives a schema and outputs code.
    4 usages in
    clj-tree-layout 0.1.0
    A library for laying out tree nodes in 2D space for Clojure and ClojureScript.