• (last-index-of s value)
    • (last-index-of s value from-index)
    Return last index of value (string or char) in s, optionally
      searching backward from from-index. Return nil if value not found.

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    1 usage in
    vizdeps 0.1.6
    Visualize Leiningen project dependencies using Graphviz.
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    A parser-combinator library in Clojure
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    receipt 1.0.1
    FIXME: write description
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    uberjarzip 0.3.3
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    XChart wrapper for Clojure
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    A multiplayer take on the classic Game of Pong. Entry for Clojure Cup 2013.
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    Work with JWT in Clojure
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    naga 0.1.0
    Forward Chaining Rule Engine