• (reverse s)
    Returns s with its characters reversed.

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    1 usage in
    aerial.utils 1.2.0
    Utility 'tool belt' of functions for common tasks; trees; clustering; probability,
    1 usage in
    clj-pebble 0.2.0
    Clojure wrapper for the Pebble Java templating engine.
    1 usage in
    datasplash 0.6.1
    Clojure API for a more dynamic Google Cloud Dataflow and (hopefully) Apache BEAM
    1 usage in
    hackasm 0.1.0
    Hack Assembler in Clojure.
    1 usage in
    currencydetect 0.1.2
    A libary for currency code extraction from natural language
    1 usage in
    sedan 0.0.5
    encoding scalar and simple aggregate data with a static lexicographical ordering
    1 usage in
    conexp-clj 1.1.7
    A ConExp rewrite in clojure
    1 usage in
    cloth 0.3.1
    Clojure(Script) tools for Ethereum
    1 usage in
    jhs-106 0.7.0
    Clojure implementation of Finnish address parsing based on JHS-106 specification.
    1 usage in
    strum 1.0.0
    Strum is a drop-in replacement for clojure.string that aims to provide a richer
    1 usage in
    lambdacd-lineup 0.5.2
    LambdaCD library to integrate Lineup
    2 usages in
    cludje 0.6.4
    Cludje - A clojure web framework
    1 usage in
    varity 0.3.7
    Variant translation library for Clojure
    1 usage in
    halfbaked 0.1.1
    My collection of half-baked, semi-useful Clojure code.