• (map key-gen val-gen)
    • (map key-gen val-gen opts)
    Create a generator that generates maps, with keys chosen from
      `key-gen` and values chosen from `val-gen`.
      If the key generator cannot or is unlikely to produce enough distinct
      elements, this generator will fail in the same way as `such-that`.
      Available options:
        :num-elements  the fixed size of generated maps
        :min-elements  the min size of generated maps
        :max-elements  the max size of generated maps
        :max-tries     the number of times the generator will be tried before
                       failing when it does not produce distinct elements
                       (default 10)
        :ex-fn         a function of one arg that will be called if test.check cannot
                       generate enough distinct keys; it will be passed a map with
                       `:gen` (the key-gen), `:num-elements`, and `:max-tries` and
                       should return an exception

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