• (keywordize-keys m)
    Recursively transforms all map keys from strings to keywords.

    clojure.walk/keywordize-keys (cljs) found in 36 defs, across 19 projects.

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    2 usages in
    A client-side router for ClojureScript.
    2 usages in
    hatti 0.4.0
    A cljs dataview from your friends at
    1 usage in
    monte.server 0.0.1
    monte.server is a server with monte library wrapped
    1 usage in
    util 3.0.0
    A small library of ClojureScript utility functions.
    1 usage in
    form-juice 0.2.0
    Data squeezed from juicy forms in ClojureScript
    2 usages in
    ona-viewer 1.1.30
    Ona viewer that connects to the Ona API.
    1 usage in
    appkit 0.1.3
    Kit for development
    2 usages in
    gcu 0.2.2
    Run git pull for all projects from a given directory using Lumo/ClojureScript
    1 usage in
    re-frame-firebase 0.5.0
    A re-frame wrapper around firebase
    1 usage in
    kvlt 0.1.4
    Multi-target Clojure/script HTTP client
    2 usages in
    cljs-utils 0.1.1
    General purpose utils for clojurescript development.
    1 usage in
    speako 0.10.35
    GraphQL Schema Language Compiler
    1 usage in
    backend-shared 0.5.62
    Shared Backend Services for Offcourse
    1 usage in
    micro-rn 1.0.14
    Components for reagent/react-native projects - reagent wrappers, styles, utilites,
    1 usage in
    jsx-to-clojurescript 0.1.9
    Command and library to convert JSX snippets to Om/Reagent or other Clojurescript-style
    1 usage in
    cljs-msgpack-lite 0.1.61
    cljs-msgpack-lite is a lightweight and convenient wrapper around msgpack-lite for
    1 usage in
    untangled-client 0.8.2
    Client-side code for Untangled Webapps