• ($map fun col-keys)
    • ($map fun col-keys data)
      This function returns a sequence resulting from mapping the given function over
      the value(s) for the given column key(s) of the given dataset.
      Like other '$*' functions, it will use $data as the default dataset
      if none is provided, where $data is set using the with-data macro.
        (use '(incanter core datasets))
        (def cars (get-dataset :cars))
        ($map (fn [s] (/ s)) :speed cars)
        ($map (fn [s d] (/ s d)) [:speed :dist] cars)
        (with-data (get-dataset :cars)
          (view ($map (fn [s] (/ s)) :speed))
          (view ($map (fn [s d] (/ s d)) [:speed :dist])))
        ;; calculate the speed to dist ratio and append as new column to dataset
        (with-data (get-dataset :cars)
          (conj-cols $data ($map (fn [s d] (/ s d)) [:speed :dist])))

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