• (parses parser text & {:as options})
    Use parser to parse the text.  Returns lazy seq of all parse trees
       that completely parse the text.  If no parse tree is possible, returns
       () with a Failure object attached as metadata.
       Optional keyword arguments:
       :start :keyword  (where :keyword is name of starting production rule)
       :partial true    (parses that don't consume the whole string are okay)
       :total true      (if parse fails, embed failure node in tree)
       :unhide <:tags or :content or :all> (for this parse, disable hiding)
       Clj only:
       :trace true      (print diagnostic trace while parsing)

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    1 usage in
    test.chuck 0.2.9
    A dumping ground of test.check utilities
    1 usage in
    yesparql 0.3.1
    YeSPARQL, a Yesql inspired SPARQL library
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    yesql 0.5.3
    A Clojure library for using SQL