• (limit query v)
    Add a limit clause to a select query.

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    2 usages in
    kameleon 3.0.2
    Library for interacting with backend relational databases.
    1 usage in
    qseq 0.6.3
    qseq: a lazy sequence for simply and efficiently consuming Korma
    1 usage in
    cumin 0.2.4
    Cumin - some spice for your Korma SQL
    3 usages in
    geppetto 3.1.0
    Backend support for experimental work.
    1 usage in
    grave 0.1.1
    FIXME: write description
    1 usage in
    photon-h2 0.10.8
    H2 plugin for the Photon eventstore
    1 usage in
    service-hub 1.0.3
    Service hub framework