• (order query field)
    • (order query field dir)
    Add an ORDER BY clause to a select, union, union-all, or intersect query.
      field should be a keyword of the field name, dir is ASC by default.
      (order query :created :asc)

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    1 usage in
    korma 0.5.0-RC1
    Tasty SQL for Clojure
    1 usage in
    service-hub 1.0.3
    Service hub framework
    1 usage in
    korma-encrypted 0.3.0
    An extension to korma which provides column encryption.
    1 usage in
    tgkorma 0.4.3
    Tasty SQL for Clojure
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    kameleon 3.0.2
    Library for interacting with backend relational databases.
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    geppetto 3.1.0
    Backend support for experimental work.
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    qseq 0.6.3
    qseq: a lazy sequence for simply and efficiently consuming Korma
    1 usage in
    unbot-retro 0.1.1
    Manage retro entries via unbot chatbot
    1 usage in
    cumin 0.2.4
    Cumin - some spice for your Korma SQL