• (map f s)
    • (map f s & rest)
    Equivalent to Clojure's `map`, but for streams instead of sequences. found in 61 defs, across 21 projects.

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    2 usages in
    manifold 0.1.8
    a compatibility layer for event-driven abstractions
    2 usages in
    aleph 0.4.6
    a framework for asynchronous communication
    3 usages in
    promisespromises 0.6
    a lib for working with promises and streams
    2 usages in
    clj-bson-rpc 0.2.5
    bson rpc protocol
    1 usage in
    clj-opc 0.1.1
    Open Pixel Control Lib for Clojure
    2 usages in
    clj-amp 0.9.2
    Clojure implementation of AMP
    4 usages in
    physicloud 0.2.0
    A platform for programming and managing cyber-physical systems (CPS).
    1 usage in
    keenest-rube 0.1.0-alpha0
    The state of a Kubernetes cluster, abstracted as a value in a Clojure atom.
    1 usage in
    deepstream-client-clj 0.1.0 client for Clojure
    1 usage in
    neversleep-clojure-client 1.0.0-alpha5
    Immutable data structure server, in Clojure (client)
    2 usages in
    byte-streams 0.2.4
    A simple way to handle the menagerie of Java byte represenations.
    1 usage in
    kvlt 0.1.4
    Multi-target Clojure/script HTTP client
    1 usage in
    clj-rcon 0.1.0
    Source RCON protocol implementation
    1 usage in
    protocol 1.2.0
    Gloss protocol for Conveyor event sourcing client-server communication
    1 usage in
    cloudpassage-lib 1.1.1
    A library for interacting with cloudpassage apis.
    2 usages in
    metrics-statsd 0.1.8
    A batching StatsD reporter for Coda Hale's metrics library
    1 usage in
    yada 1.1.14-2
    A powerful Clojure web library, full HTTP, full async
    1 usage in
    rainboots 0.12.0
    Protect yourself from the grossness of writing a MUD server
    1 usage in
    mpd-clj 0.2.3
    a native clojure mpd client