• (move-args-from-stack-to-env n-args vm-state & [n-rest-args])
    If `n-rest-args` is falsy, pop `n-args` arguments from the stack
      and put them in a newly created environment frame.  This function
      assumes that the function arguments were pushed onto the stack in
      reverse order.  If `n-rest-args` is truthy it must be an integer, in
      that case `n-args` + `n-rest-args` arguments are popped from the
      stack; the topmost `n-rest-args` on the stack are collected into a
      vector in VM format and put in the (`n-args` + 1)st slot in the new
      environment frame; the remaining `n-args` arguments are put in
      individual slots in the newly created environment frame.

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