• (replace-file-references state {:keys [resource-name ns js-requires js-imports js-str-offsets] :as rc} source)
    extremely hacky way to escape the mess that is NODE ModuleResolver
       replacing all require/imports with absolute file paths so we can use BROWSER
       this lets us use our resolve behavior and custom :resolve configs, no need to feed
       package.json files to the compiler.
       other option would be to file a proper PR to turn ModuleLoader into an interface
       so we can control the lookup behavior.
       could also do this as a compiler pass but there is no way to run a compiler pass
       BEFORE the module stuff is resolved.
       doing this via string replacement since parsing the ast and emitting JS would
       require source maps twice, ie. way more work. JSInspector already recorded all the
       locations we need. found in 1 def, across 1 project.

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