• (chan method url)
    • (chan method url data)
    • (chan method url data {:keys [events upload body-only] :as options})
    creates a channel and performs xhr request like (chan :GET "/something")
       accepts url as string or [url params]
       this channel will receive one message [status body req] on load
       loadend will close the result channel, so you will get nil results on request errors/timeouts
       use options hash to pass in extra channels
       (chan :POST "/something" some-data {:events chan-or-map
                                             :upload chan-or-map})
       when given a chan that channels receives messages in form of [event-type event-data req]
       when given a map a channel is expected for each eventtype and will receive [event-data req]
       {:timeout some-chan}, if no channel for a given event is present, no message is sent
       event types are :loadstart :progress :abort :error :timeout :loadend :load (see xhr spec)
       only exception is that status >= 500 does not return a result and produces an error event instead

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